By Paul Pollock

The Tiny Epic Game series has become more epic with each release. Tiny Epic Zombies is an amazing game with four different play modes and tons of content and, of course, lots of zombies. Tiny Epic Mechs puts players in the middle of arena combat in a player vs. player action programming game. The next release, in January/February gives us Tiny Epic Tactics.

Tiny Epic Tactics uses variable player powers and a simple combat system incorporated into a 3D environment. Using a series of nested boxes and a play mat to create the unique terrain where players vie for victory points. Each player will have a team of 4 characters, each with their own unique abilities, sent forth to fight each other and control various areas on the map. Tiny Epic Tactics offers competitive play, cooperative play and solitaire play.

There will also be a separate map expansion that will provide two new environments for added variety. The new map sets will be Winter Highlands and Savage Wastelands. Each terrain set includes 6 box covers and a play mat that will convert the base game into completely new adventure areas with their own unique layouts.

I already have my Kickstarter copy and it is absolutely beautiful. Gamelyn Games continues to produce quality games in a small package with an equally small price. If you haven’t tried a Tiny Epic Game you are really missing out. We carry quite a few of their titles in the store. You should come by and check them out.

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