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COVID-19 Update

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To our loyal customers,

It’s time for us to ramp up our response to the COVID-19 virus. As of 6pm tonight, we will be closing our doors to public access. We hope to be back operating at full capacity by April 15th, but that will depend on the risk. 

During this time, If you truly need something to alleviate the boredom, I will be serving the gaming community through curbside delivery for orders placed by phone or email. Details are below. 

1) Orders can be placed through email or phone.
phone: 760-940-0139 (Leave a voicemail if no answer)

2) Pick-up will be curbside between the hours of 12pm (Noon) to 5pm .

3) We will be buying Magic cards if you are willing to leave them with us. We will call you with an offer.

4) Magic card orders must be placed online at Select in store pick-up at checkout. We will have your order available within 48 hours.

5) We will not be able to buy any other used items at this time. (Games/RPGs)

Defer to the CDC for more information regarding the virus and how to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe. You should be acting as if you are infected and anyone you come in contact with is too. Take appropriate precautions.

We look forward to seeing you all on the other side of this thing.


Rob North
Pair A Dice Games

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