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Magic Minute

by Caleb Apodaca

March is the month of exciting supplemental products! Rather than leave us with a lull between Theros and Ikoria, Wizard’s has decided to release two new supplemental products. The first is “Unsanctioned” a set of Silver-Bordered cards with wacky rules. Each box of Unsanctioned will come with a set of preconstructed decks, and a set of beautiful full art basic lands, one in foil and one in regular matte printing. The next set to be released this month is “Mystery Booster: Retail Edition”. Mystery boosters are 15 card packs filled with reprints, 1,700 of them to be exact. They are incredibly diverse and hold a ton of value, Mana Crypt is available in these packs and it’s current price is over Two Hundred dollars. Mystery boosters will be released March 13 and will be available to Draft the 13th through the 15th. That’s it for this month! Next time we’ll be going over the new set spoilers, see you then.

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